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Healthy &

Creamy on
a stick


Well Balanced Italy style Gelato

Our gelato & sticks are made of original Italy style gelato
from carefully selected ingredients used from the clean facility.
It gives you the best gelato taste.

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Patended paper Tray to
customize own Gelato sticks

Our patented tray of stick station is easy to eat
messy free and you can enjoy with a variety toppings.

Vegano by stick station

Vegano is the brand new concept of
Plant-Based milk natural popsicle foam
products made of completely Vegan ingredients.

One thing
always focusing is

Make Vegano products as much quality as
the milk products do in a Natural way.

Made from - Rice, Coconut, and Oat milk
with carefully selected Vegan ingredients.

The lineup features
6 unique flavors

Plant-Based Milk + Topping with Dark chocolate fudge,
Almonds, Black cherry
Plant-Based Milk + Cocoa Powder + Topping with
Pistachios and Toasted Coconuts
Plant-Based Milk + Real coffee + Toffee
•Strawberry Lemon
100% Natural Lemon Juice + Real Strawberry
•Mango Chile
Organic Mango Juice + Mango Chunk with Chile Sauce
Real Lime juice + Real Tequila

We also have Pints size on flavors.


Fresh Gelato
& sticks

Milk Base
Clean & carefully selected ingredients used only
Free of - Eggyork, Buttermilk, gluten,
high fructose corn syrup

Fresh Sorbet

Water Base
100% Real Fruits only
Free of - Artificial coloring, Dairy, Fat, Nuts,
high fructose corn syrup

With Stick-staion

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5454 E. Washington Blvd
Commerce, CA 90040

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